WritingsGuru Review

Writingsguru.com is a website run by the WritingsGuru company. This company provides writing services online to clients.  The clientele of the WritingsGuru company is comprised of scholars as well as non-scholars who seek writing services online. The scholars include high school students, students who are still in college and those who are pursuing their post-graduate degrees including Masters degrees and Ph.D. candidates. The non-scholars include civil servants and other individuals who are no longer in school but might need the help of a professional to write something in an official capacity. As a result, we decided to check the comments they left in the reviews section. 


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The common thing about the reviews, received by the WritingsGuru writing service online from the clients, are very positive. However, we as an independent company have decided to conduct a review on WritingsGuru company.  In order to do this, we have decided to conduct a covert inquiry into the company. We have chosen to evaluate every aspect of the services offered by WritingsGuru to clients. We checked things like history, pricing, writer qualifications, and quality of the services they provide.
Finally, we had to place a 7-page order on the writingsguru.com website and we are now going to share our findings with you.

About the company:

WritingsGuru is a company with a lot of experience as regards providing different kinds of writing services online. They have a lot of experience which was gained through years of providing service to different kinds of clients. The nature of the paper writing service offered by WritingsGuru to students include all kinds of essays, homework help, research proposals, literature reviews and theses for final year students. The non-scholarly writing services they provide include writing CVs and resumes, writing speeches and articles. 

The majority of services offered by WritingsGuru company are in the English language. However, WritingsGuru also offers translation services to interested customers. In addition, the company also helps the clients to complete assignments and projects as well as to edit assignments which have some issues.  

Service qualities:

Judging from the quality of the task we ordered, we were able to determine the efficiency of the writer to follow instructions to the latter. We paid attention to the following:

  • Grammar – The paper was written without any grammatical or syntax errors. The English used was absolutely professional without any use of colloquial.
  • Formatting – According to the recommendations we provided, the paper was to written according to the APA formatting style. 
  • Sources and In-text citation – Being fully aware that most writers usually make use of sources that are invalid in an attempt to deceive the unsuspecting clients who might not have the time to check the sources before submitting. Consequently, we crosschecked the sources which were listed in the works cited page as well as the pages which were mentioned in in-text. 
  • Plagiarism – We checked the paper which we received for its originality through the use of apps that detect all forms of plagiarism including paraphrasing of ideas.

In the end were able to determine that the paper was written by a seasoned professional using proper and fluent English language. The points that were neither ambiguous nor contradictory. More so, the paper covered the topic in its entirety and never deviated off course. Ultimately, we were able to affirmatively ascertain that the quality of the writing service is ‘outstanding’.


Writers’ and Support team:

WritingsGuru employs the services of professionals in every field. The employees are selected from all over the world through rigorous screening. The writers are also rated as a method to control the quality of papers and encourage healthy competition amongst the writers. The writers are not only fluent in the English language, but also have to be native speakers of the language. In addition to that, they have to master the language and basic terms used relevant to their fields. The minimal academic qualification of the writers is a Bachelor’s degree. Tasks are assigned to the writers according to their area of specialization.

The support team of WritingsGuru consists of individuals who maintain a connection link between the writers and the clients. They are in charge of letting the writer know what the client wants. The members of the support team have a proper understanding of public relations. The member of the support team who was assigned to us, handled everything with top-notch professionalism as well as a lot of patience. 


The lowest price charged by the WritingsGuru company for any order is $10.99 for one page. The paper we ordered was seven pages long so we paid a total of $76.99. The pricing does not include the title pages, table of contents and the reference pages. These prices are affordable in comparison to what is charged by other writing services online.


At WritingsGuru, customers become eligible for the discounts once they reach the 20-page landmark. Subsequently, the cost of editing a paper will cost you 15% of whatever the original price is. The pricing is in ascending order depending on your level of education – from high school to doctorate degree.   



Special offers and features:

The writingsguru.com website offers a platform for direct communication between the client and the writer thus eliminating any third party in the transfer of instructions. This direct communication helps in making sure that the customer can state what they want to the writer. In addition, the writer can clarify facts if they get confused about any of the instructions. 

On the website of WritingsGuru, you can actually find the rating of the writer to whom your order has been assigned. You can also reject an order if it the quality is not up to par. If your request is evaluated by the support team and is found to be valid, you will get a full refund.


After putting into consideration all the conditions of the services provided by the WritingsGuru against that which you can find on their website, we have given them a rating of 4.89/5. Therefore, we recommend WritingsGuru to anyone who is seeking writing services online.