Handmade Writings Review

In recognition of the worries expressed by customers who are interested in knowing the reputation of the companies that offer writing services online, a review of handmadewritings.com has been conducted. This review covers every aspect of the services offered by the HandMadeWritings company. The review was conducted so as to test the legitimacy and the relevance of the information posted by the HandMadeWritings company on their website. We conducted this review by placing an order on the handmadewritings.com website and paying for it. We also checked the prices they charge for orders to determine if they are consistent with what they have made known to the public. 


handmadewritings.com review

Furthermore, we checked the way their customer service attended to the customers and the speed at which they reply messages on their dashboard, as well as the manner and tone with which they reply. Finally, we checked the orders we placed to determine the ability of the writers to adhere to instruction and their ability to use different formatting styles. Ultimately, we came up with these findings which we are going to share with you.



This review is about HandMadeWritings which is a company that offers writing services online. The company was created four years ago, and since then has been providing quality writing service online to their customers. Throughout this time, they have remained one the best writing services, at least according to the reviews they have received from customers. This was one of the reasons why we decided to conduct a review of HandMadeWritings in order to determine the legitimacy of these reviews.


The writing services they provide include all forms of high school essays and assignments, graduate and postgraduate theses, as well as other forms of writing for non-scholars. The company website is handmadewritings.com. HandMadeWritings also offers other services to their customers, all related to writing. These include editing, re-writing a paper, completion of a task and translation from any language. The latter is a relatively new service which was introduced approximately 6 months ago as a new department.


The quality of services offered

From the testimony of the students who left comments in the review section on the HandMadeWritings website, one can easily come to the conclusion that the company is one of the best when it comes to offering writing services online. However, for the purpose of fairness and to clear all reasonable doubt, we decided to check things out for ourselves and provide you with the results of our findings. After going through them, you will have a stronger conviction whenever you intend on conducting business with them.

Remember we already said that we made an order on the website. From the results and observation made we discovered a lot of things. The paper which we received was written in impeccable English free of any form of grammatical or syntax error. The word count was exactly within the 10% limit excess which we recommended. The formatting style was spot on. We also checked for plagiarism using two methods: first of all, we used an app to check the originality of the paper, then we checked random sources to know if the writer just placed in random author and page numbers. Everything was accurate just as we had specified in the recommendations.


During the period when we anticipated the paper, I had a chance to communicate with the writer to whom my task was assigned. This custom essay writing service has a three-way platform which connects the customer, the client and a member of the support team, so you can choose whom you want to talk to. The writer was very open to new suggestions and politely replied our messages even when we tried to provoke him by asking very annoying questions repeatedly. Evidently, HandMadeWritings makes use of professionals who have a deep understanding of the academic process. They also assign tasks to writers according to their area of specialization as opposed to allowing the writers to choose their own orders. These findings have led us to conclude that the quality of the services provided by HandMadeWritings is ‘outstanding’, and this goes a long way to corroborate the reviews on their website handmadewritings.com.


Pricing and payments

The services offered by HandMadeWritings are quite affordable to all customers of all ages and social class. They charge according to the number of pages the customer requests. For high school projects and essays, the price per page is placed at $9.99. For undergraduates, as well as those in the postgraduate programs, the price per page is placed at $12.99. The cost of services like speeches and research proposals from corporate clients is placed at $15.99. The money is usually paid in advance into the account provided by the representative of the company. Once the payment is confirmed, your order will be assigned to a writer.


If the project is to be completed within a 24-hour deadline, there is an extra $2.00 charge attached to the order. If the order is not ready within the specified deadline, you will receive a refund within the next 36 hours if you do not want an extension. We placed a 6-page order as corporate clients and we were charged $127.91. The paper was ready before the end of the 8th day of the 10-day deadline. This is a good sign considering that it allows the client a lot of time to go through the work and suggest corrections. The pricing does not include title pages, reference pages and tables of contents.



Discounts and special offers

HandMadeWritings has a loyalty program, as an incentive to customers, which is activated after a particular customer has ordered a certain number of pages. The first is a 10% discount which is given to customers who have ordered more than 20 pages. Subsequently, when your page total goes up to 50, the company provides you with a 20% discount on all services. During the festive season, customers who use HandMadeWritings will get the chance to win a 5% discount if they have made up to 10 orders with the company.


If you are looking for a writing service online, the place to go is HandMadeWritings.