Extra Essay Review

Prior to going into business with any online company, it is always advisable to check the credentials of such companies to determine whether they are actually legitimate. What better way to do this than to check out the reviews of previous users? However, as human beings who have grown up to understand what malpractice is, we have all gotten to know that these companies sometimes create fake accounts in order to give themselves fake positive reviews.


handmadewritings.com review


Out of the numerous companies that provide writing services online, we have chosen a few of the reputable ones like ExtraEssay.com, whose writing services are being used by a large number of people, as our review targets. These review requests come from clients who have any form of justified skepticism against employing the services of companies that offer writing services online.

As an independent and neutral company, this review which we have conducted will help serve as an informative platform to those who would want to go into business with ExtraEssay. The information we will provide in this review were all obtained legally and fairly without any sort of infringement. We have placed an order for a 7-page paper on Climate Change and its Effects, which is to be written in English using the MLA formatting style (6th Edition).

Now we are now going to share the results of the review we have conducted with you



ExtraEssay.com is the website of a company that offers writing services online to clients. ExtraEssay offers a wide variety of writing services ranging from high school essays to dissertations. Since its inception a few ago, ExtraEssay has upheld a very high standard of service which most other companies are trying to emulate. 


The quality of services offered:

When we received the paper, we went ahead to check for inconsistencies. We checked the paper for the following:

  • Plagiarism – We checked the paper for originality received from the ExtraEssay writer using an online software that detects ideas that have been copied from other pre-existing works and the links to such work. We also picked random citations and checked if they were valid.
  • Adherence to instructions – The customer is always right! A good writing service will make sure that they follow the instructions provided by the customer to the latter. The writer should seek clarification and approval from the client if they have any suggestion as regards the paper
  • Professionalism – We also proofread the paper for grammatical errors including the very common amateur mistakes made by most people. In addition, we also checked for ambiguity and ‘wordiness’ of the sentences. Ultimately, we evaluated the ability if the writer to express ideas.

All things considered, we were able to conclude that the paper was original. All the quotations and paraphrased ideas were cited appropriately. This was confirmed by checking the first 5 in-text citations as well as the last 5. More so, we checked three of the online sources and everything was in order. The paper had a professional tone to it and lacked any sort of ambiguity. The writer never strayed off the main topic as we saw in order companies who use this as a tactic to get to the desired word count.  


Writers and Support:

ExtraEssay.com employs over 50 personnel who work 24 hours every day of the week to attend to the needs of their clients. These members of the staff include the writers, the graders, and the support team. The writers are the most important part of the company because they perform the primary function for which the company was created. 

In order to be employed as a writer for essay help for students, you have to undergo a series of rigorous testing to determine the level of knowledge of the English language. The staff of ExtraEssay is made of individuals who are native speaker of the English language. However, there are a few individuals who are not native speakers but do have an advanced level of knowledge of the English language and should have lived in an English-speaking country for over 5 years. Here are some of the other requirements for being chosen as a writer for ExtraEssay:

  • English – This is the primary language in which every exchange is conducted. All the papers and projects are written in formal English language. The services of foreign language English speakers are used for translation services or when the client does not understand English.
  • College degree – In order to become eligible for the post of a writer at ExtraEssay, one needs a minimum of Bachelor’s degree. Essays are assigned to the writers according to their area of specialization. This helps in improving the quality of the paper because the writer actually understands what they are writing about. 
  • Experience – Every writer at ExtraEssay has a deep knowledge of the basic rules of academic writing as well as a deep knowledge of the various formatting styles.
  • Clean record – ExtraEssay in a bid to protect its integrity does not hire individuals who have a criminal record. The human relations department conducts background checks and also checks the reason of termination of the previous employment of a new writer.



Pricing and payments:

The pricing is according to your level of education and the level of urgency. For example, a page would cost a high school student $9 and a Ph.D. candidate $19 if it is within the same 14-day deadline. Payment is made only when the client has received and accepted the paper. The payment is made online via transfer to an account provided by the support team. Ultimately, it is safe to assume that your money is safe with ExtraEssay.


Additional features

The ExtraEssay website is designed in such a way that the customer can register for full membership. The customer can communicate with the writer directly to let them know of various suggestions and adjustments to make to the paper. Furthermore, the writer can see the average rating of the writer who is in charge of their order. This feature is not available on most websites who lack transparency.


In conclusion, we have decided to give the ExtraEssay company a rating of 4.79 out of 5.0 for the quality of the writing services they provide to their customers.