Essay Usa Review

This is a review about, an online company which offers a wide range of writing services. In response to public request, we have conducted an EssayUsa review as a means to address the different aspects of the services they offer. review


The popularity of any company that deals with providing writing services online is increased by the reviews it gains from the customers. These reviews, depending on the negativity or positivity, go a long way in consolidating or tarnishing the reputation of the company. However, it is also worthy to note that most of these companies might fake their reviews in order to deceive the potential customers.

We as a company have recognized this malicious behavior in many companies and that is why we have decided to conduct our own reviews. This time around, we have decided to review the services provided by EssayUSA to determine if their quality is up to par.  We will also like to add that this review is absolutely independent and all the information we are going to provide will be exactly what we discovered in our review. In the end, we hope that this review will help the customers make an informed decision on whether or not to employ the services of EssayUSA.



EssayUSA is a writing service came into existence approximately two years with very ‘thin’ workforce which could only cope with the volume of work by multitasking. With time, the workforce has enlarged considerably to include individuals across various spheres of life. As of today, EssayUSA provides writing services online to customers from all over the world at different levels of education. The writing services they provide include subjects and topics in both the science and arts. 


The quality of Services:

In order to get a firsthand experience of what it meant to be a customer of EssayUSA, we decided to place an order on their website. We ordered and paid for a 5-page paper while posing as a college student. Towards the end of the 10-day deadline, we received the final paper and went ahead to access its value. Here are the observations we made: 

  • Free of plagiarism – When we checked the paper for plagiarism, it passed the test. The plagiarism level was below 3%. Even when we checked for the validity of the sources, everything was in order. Further examination of the final paper showed that the dates and pages used in the in-text citation were legitimate and not just random figures.
  • Eloquence – The proficiency show by the writer whom the paper was assigned was impressive if not immaculate. The paper highlighted the ability of the writer to communicate his point without ‘rambling’. Judging from the language of the paper, one could come to the conclude that the writer had an advanced knowledge of the subject matter. This was evident in their knowledge of the ‘register’ and the professionalism they expressed.
  • Early delivery – The paper was delivered before the stipulated deadline. This allows the client enough time to check for mistakes.

From these observations, we have come to the conclusion that the EssayUSA is the best essay writing service in USA. They put in a lot of effort to get the best out of their writers and thus satisfy the client. The early delivery of the final paper helps will help the students who are in a hurry to catch up with their school work.


Writers and Support:

EssayUSA employs the services of English language speakers who have mastered the language to an advanced level at least. These writers, as we discovered from the quality of the paper, are conversant with the techniques and formatting styles required to write an academic paper.

The support team helps to serve as an intermediary between the writer and the client. They are the ones who assign these tasks to different writers according to their area of specialization.


Pricing and Payments:

All payments for writing services are made on the website using any currency, provided it is through a PayPal account. The cost of a paper varies according to a lot of factors. The level of study, the type of paper, the number of pages demanded and the urgency of the paper. Here is a condensed pricing list for the services offered by EssayUSA:

  • High school – The price for one page lies within the range of $10-22$ with the least representing the price within a 14-day deadline and the most expensive for a 24-hour deadline.
  • College – For students in tertiary institutions, the price ranges from $13 to $27 with the cheapest representing a standard 14-day deadline and the most expensive for a 24-hour deadline.
  • Master’s – For master’s degree students the pricing range starts from $19 per page for orders to be completed within a 14-day deadline and ends at $37 if you want the order to be completed within a 24-hour deadline. 
  • PhD – For those who are candidates seeking to acquire a doctorate degree the pricing range starts from $25 per page for orders to be completed within a 14-day deadline and ends at $48 if you want the order to be completed within a 24-hour deadline.
  • Editing – If you upload a paper for editing, you will be charged 15% of the original cost of the full paper.

The pricing does not include title pages, reference pages, and bibliography. You can demand a draft or outline from the writer and will not be charged for them.



Additional features:

There a few additional features that distinguish EssayUSA from other services online. They include:

  • Direct communication with the writer in case you want to suggest adjustments and 
  • Free Revision – The client can apply for a free revision within 10 days of receiving the paper. After the 10-day window, any revision for revision will cost the same as editing a paper.
  • Progress Update – The company has developed a smartphone app that enables the client to keep track of the progress of task
  • The client can request a refund within a period of 10 days. The refund request can only be processed when there are noticeable irregularities in the paper like plagiarism and grammatical errors.