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What are these writing reviews services?

Before you go to a restaurant, you will want to check the people’s opinion on it and the services they offer. As a gamer, you always check the opinion of professional gamers on the new merchandise to know the pros and cons attached to it. Also, when you want to buy the latest iPhone, you go to the website of the tech companies that have tested the device to know what they think about it. The same goes with paper writing services. If these reviews do not exist, it will make it difficult for the customers to make an informed definition. They will end up taking a leap of faith, which might not always end well.


What qualities of the paper writing services are reviewed?

 Just like is to restaurants and local businesses, there are a lot of review sites that provide users or potential customers with all the necessary information about a particular paper writing service. These reviews help to guide the customers make an informed decision. It also provides a professional opinion as opposed to the relying on hearsay. The best review sites in the business make use of professionals who have a deep understanding of the field. Here are some of the reasons why these companies conduct these reviews:

  • Informative purposes – The review of paper writing services helps the clients to get a clear glimpse of the services they offer. It provides a brief summary of all their services ranging from pricing to customer services.
  • Integrity check – They help to review the information the essay writing services add to their website description and the methods they use in achieving excellence
  • Neutral – The reviews provided by a writing review service is independent. It eliminates any trace of bias that one might see when reading customer reviews of paper writing services. There is no way to determine if the bad review is from an aggrieved customer or from someone who is an employee of a rival paper writing service. An internet troll might be playing around with reviews. The good reviews might come from someone who works in the company, who knows?

This is where these independent and unbiased companies come into play. They serve as an advisor or guide to the customer by providing them with the pro and cons one might encounter when they go into business with these paper writing services. If you choose to go ahead knowing all the information, any risk you encounter is your own personal responsibility.


How do they conduct writing review service?

These paper writing services just like in any other business are also made up of professionals and public relations officers, who are well grounded in the act of human relations. They are always on the lookout for these review companies. Therefore, in order to catch them unawares, these review companies employ counter tactics.

A member of the review company usually poses as a customer and makes a very standard order that would not raise any suspicion. Then they check the following:

  • Pricing – The review company compares the pricing listed on the website of the paper writing service, to the actual price they charge the customers for inconsistencies. They also check if they charge by the number of pages or the number of words in a particular essay.
  • Customer services – They also check the customer services provided by these essay writing services. They constantly try to establish a link of communication with the writer in order to determine things like the time of response to a message and the manner of response. They also go as far as trying to determine if the writer is actually a true native speaker of the language and if they are conversant with the topic they are writing about.
  • Quality of services – The ultimate task here is to check the quality of the essay or paper which the paper writing service delivers as the final product. They check the paper for the following qualities and inconsistencies:
    • Plagiarism. They use special programs and software to check the originality of the delivered paper to determine if the writer has copied or paraphrased an idea without citing the source.
    • Proper use of citation according to the format provided
    • Proper articulation of points and ideas as requested by the customer
    • Grammatical and syntax errors in the use of language
    • Relevance of the delivered paper to the topic
    • Professionalism in the expression of ideas in the paper 
    • The ability of the writer to make the deadline
    • The readiness of the writer to make changes to the paper

In general, these companies test the competence of the paper writing services to determine if they are in line or in contrast to the terms and conditions of services on their website. The rating is then given on a scale of 0-5 (including decimals) according to the findings of the company.


Are all paper writing review services fair?

All things considered, it is safe to assume that these reviews if conducted in the right way are free of all form of bias. However, owing to the infallible nature of humans, it is safe to assume that there are still writing review services who show the propensity to give in to their bias. This might be due to secret rivalry or a long-standing feud between employees of the opposing parties. 

Be careful so as not to fall victim of the trickery of fraudulent websites that provide fake reviews of these paper writing services to boost or cripple their clientele. Make use of the paper writing review services provided by ONLY the best and reputable websites like (and similar websites) and other similar outlets which have been recommended for use by Google or Bing.


These best companies that offer paper writing review services understand that they should take a stance of neutrality and serve as beacons of integrity to the general public. From a viewpoint of common sense, there is no incentive for them to provide false information which will surely discredit. This is turn will bring about a loss of faith in the paper writing services as well as the best review sites which evaluate their services.